A  great place to play softball !

Committed teams:


June 12 (U12 only) -13-14 


2 day event

in Jackson, Milan, Paris, Camden, TN

2 pool Double Elimination $275 entry, RINGS event.

U10-U14-U18 Groups will play in Milan-Paris-Camden on Saturday-Sunday. 

Groups in these parks can play 1 day with 14 or less teams. 15+ teams will be a 2 day event.

U8 - 10 MAX  In Jackson 2 Day Event (Saturday and start after 12:00 Sunday afternoon) 

(9) Diamond Chix 11, Genesis, Chester Co Softball, Swat 11, Too Sweet, Xtreme 12, Legends 12, West TN Edge 2012, Xtreme 11,

Waiting List: 1)

U10 - 24 MAX IN CAMDEN, 

CHANGE: will not start until12:00 Saturday.

(6) Lady Storm - Dudley, Talons 09, Paducah Lady Storm - Tramble, West TN Edge 09, DC Cubs, West TN Edge 10,


U12 - 20 MAX

in Jackson 3 day event, some local teams COULD play 2 pool games Friday at 6:00, 7:25, 8:50 Friday night, and come back after lunch Saturday

(18) KY Beast, Sliding McQueens, West TN Jacks, Red Hots (MO), Chaos 07, Lady Jaxx 07, Lightning 07, Xtreme 08, Lady Jaxx 08, Crush 07, Lady Prospects 07, St Louis Chaos 08, Talons 07, Swat 07, Rage 07, Swat 08, Intensity FP, Legends 08 - Goff,

U14 - 24 MAX IN PARIS, change as Camden 

can not play Saturday morning.

(18) Xtreme 05, Vengeance (KY), DC Cubs 06, Tencom Stars, Legends 06, Team Xtreme RC, High Intensity 06, Lady Gamers, Dauntless, Intensity FP, Paducah Lady Storm -Leidecker, Synergy 2023, TN Force 06, Diamond Chix 06, Wayne Co Edge, Lightning 06, West TN Edge 07, Intensity FP, 

U18 - 24 MAX IN Milan 

(14) Bulls, West KY Elite, Swat 04, TN Fusion, Lady Outlaws (KY), Lady Colonels (KY), SWAT Elite, West TN Xplosion, TN Lady Outlawz, Elite Softball 16, Elite Softball 18, West TN Fierce, West TN Fierce - G, West TN Rampage

Park dates (when we can play)

Jackson - June 12

Paris - June 12

Camden - June 6

Martin - June 19 possibly

Milan - June 13

Burns - May 30

Dover - June 13

Lexington - June 6

A Couple of changes moving forward from our NATIONAL OFFICE:

Rules Clarification:


FASA has studied the differences in “Start back”, “Step back”, and starting with both feet on the pitching rubber. FASA has made the decision to allow any of the 3 pitching styles.

2020 SEASON:

Due to the shortened playing season, the force move up date for this year ONLY will be 12/31/2020. There will be very stringent guidelines on playing down after 8/1/2020 and they are as follows:

1) Rosters will be required to be submitted online and will be locked on 6/15/2020. Only the girls on that locked roster will be allowed to continue playing their age group until 12/31/2020.

2) Pickup players are not allowed to play on teams that do not move up. If you have to pick up a player then you will have to play your team age for the 2021 season.

3) Points will not be carried forward for any team that plays down.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you have the correct team ID (team season) in each Event. 



Several things we will implement:

Coaches, please send to your parents, and I will send this out on the group text also.

1) Gate fees will be paid by team at check.

2) Asking anyone 60 + years old not to attend, especially if they have any preexisting conditions. We won’t check IDs.

3) Plate meetings before games will have 1 coach from each team, keeping 6 feet social distancing recommendations.

4) After game congrats and prayer will not be in a large group on the mound. We will stand on our respective baselines, wave congrats and say a prayer from there, with players being 6 feet apart.

5) Home plate umpire will be positioned in normal spot behind the catcher.

6) NO BLEACHERS. Please bring lawn chairs. Parents and fans are encouraged to stay in groups of 10 or less, and will need to be at a 6 foot distance from each other. If you rode in the same car, feel free to sit as close as you like. There is plenty of room outdoors to accomplish this.

7) Teams will spray their dugout after usage with Lysol, teams need to bring a can.

8) Concession stands will have “dots” on the ground at least 6 feet apart instructing people where to wait.

9) Teams must Lysol dugouts and pick up trash when exiting dugouts. Spectators please throw away trash.

10) Encourage parents to stay on your side of the field, the less movement we have the better. When your game is over, find a spot elsewhere in the open and be courteous for the next set of fans coming in.

We also understand that people make their own choices in life, and we hope to alleviate as many issues as possible. We certainly believe that people are safer at an outdoor park than they are at Wal-Mart or Lowe’s shopping centers.

Let’s start to have fun and PLAY BALL!

Feel free to contact me at 731-225-9716

Todd Latta




June 6 or 7 in Burns, TN - CORONA CLASH 2020

2 Separate 1 Day events

1 warmup Double Elimination $215 entry, and $150 gate fee paid by teams. ($365 Total due at checkin)


Burns Municipal Park (4 fields)

(beside Stuart Burns Elementary School)

192 Bobcat

Burns, TN

Mark Whitaker Memorial Park (2 fields)

2176 Highway 96

Burns, TN


U8 - will play at Burns Municipal Park

(8) *West TN Impact, Southern Chaos, Swat 11, Coopertown Copperheads, G1 Angels FP - Gardiner, DC Cubs 2K11, Knights 11, Klutch 11,

Warmup Games:

8:00 Field 1 West TN Impact v G1 Angels FP - Gardiner

8:00 Field 3 Coopertown Copperheads v DC Cubs 2K11

9:10 Field 1 West TN Impact v Knights 11

9:10 Field 3 Swat 11 v Klutch 11

Championship Game at 7:00

U10 - will play at Mark Whitaker Memorial Park

(6) West TN Edge 09, Lightning, TN Force 09, Vexus- Robinson, TN Clutch 09, 

Warmup Games:

8:00 Field 1 TN Ballistic v TN Clutch 09

9:10 Field 1 West TN Edge 09 v Vexus - Robinson

9:10 Field 2 Lightning v TN Force 09

Championship at 5:30

U14 -FULL and will play at Burns Municipal Park

(8) Murfreesboro Mafia, DC Cubs 08, High Voltage 06Livewire 06, Bethesda 14U, Wayne Co Edge, TN Force 06, Two4 Adiktiv

Warmup Games:

8:00 Field 2 Murfreesboro Mafia v Bethesda 14U

8:00 Field 4 DC Cubs 08 v High Voltage 06

9:10 Field 2 Livewire 06 v TN Force 06

9:10 Field 4 Two4 Adiktiv v Wayne Co Edge

Championship at 8:30



U12 - FULL

(6) G1 Angels Fastpitch, Lady Wolfpack, TN Patriots, TN Clutch 08, Intensity Green, Nashville Cruisers Elite 2025,

Warmup Games:

8:00 Field 3 TN Patriots v Lady Wolfpack

8:00 Field 4 TN Clutch 08 v G1 Angels Fastpitch

9:10 Field 3 Intensity - Green v Nashville Cruisers Elite 2025

Championship at 6:45

U14 - FULL...champ game scheduled for 6:00

(6) Intensity 06, Two4 Adiktiv, TN Ballhawks 05, TN Fire, High Intensity 05, TN Freedom,

Warmup Games:

8:00 Field 2 TN Fire v High Intensity 05

9:10 Field 2 Two4 Adiktiv v TN Freedom

9:10 Field 4 Intensity 06 v TN Ballhawks 05

Championship at 8:15


June 6-7 in Camden - Lexington - CORONA CLASH 2020

$215 or $200 (depending on format) Entry Fee, Gate Fee of $150 will be assessed also in order to alleviate contacts. ($350 or $365 total due at checkin)

Groups will play 3 Pool and Single Elimination or 1 warmup Double Elimination, see below for details.



Benton Co Softball Park

470 Benton Industrial Road

Camden, TN


Guy B Amis Park

879 Natchez Trace Dr

Lexington, TN

U8 - will play Saturday in Camden

8 MaxTeams

1 warmup Double Elimination $215 Entry, and $150 Team Gate Fee ($365 total)


*Genesis, *TN Fire 11, *KY Prospects - Green, *Too Sweet, *West TN Edge 2012, Xtreme 11, 

WarmUp Games:

8:00 Field 3 Genesis v TN Fire 11

8:00 Field 4 West TN Edge 12 v Xtreme 11

9:10 Field 1 Kentucky Prospects - Green v Too Sweet

Championship at 8:00

U10 - will play Saturday in Camden 

10 Max Teams

1 Warmup Double Elimination $215 Entry, and $150 Team Gate Fee ($365 total)

(10)  FULL

*Lady Storm - Dudley, *G1 Angels FP (Frost), *Legends 10, *West TN Edge 10, *Lady Storm - Denfip, *KY Lady Prospects - Walker, *TN Patriots, *Sliding McQueens, *DC Cubs, *Storm 2010

WarmUp Games:

8:00 FIeld 1 DC Cubs v West TN Edge 10

8:00 Field 2 TN Patriots v G1 Angels Fastpitch - Frost

9:10 Field 2 Lady Storm - Dudley v Legends 10

9:10 Field 3 Sliding McQueens v Lady Storm - Denfip

9:10 Field 4 Kentucky Lady Prospects - Walker v Storm 2010

Championship at 8:30

U12 - will play Saturday in Lexington


This weekend only, and in order to accommodate everyone wanting to play and with limited field access.

20 Max Teams

$200 Entry Fee, and $150 Team Gate Fee ($350 total)

2 Pool Games and SEED into Single Elimination

(20) ALL TEAMS CONFIRMED...will accept 1 more

*Vexus - Clark, *Adrenaline 08, *Mojo 2026, *Bat Reputation, *Lady Jaxx 08, *Lightning 07, *Chaos 07, *Sliding McQueens, *West TN Jacks, *Lady Prospects 07, *Crush 07, *Red Fusion, *St Louis Chaos 08, *Lady Jaxx 07, *Xtreme 08, *Rage 07, *Talons 07, *Black Widows, *Legends 08 - Goff, * Intensity FP

Pool A = (5) Lightning 07, Chaos 07, Red Fusion, St Louis Chaos 08, Xtreme 08 

Pool Games:

8:00 Field 1 Xtreme 08 v Lightning 07

9:20 Field 4 Chaos 07 v St. Louis Chaos

10:40 Field 7 Red Fusion v Xtreme 08

12:00 Field 8 Lightning 07 v St. Louis Chaos

1:20 Field 1 Chaos 07 v Red Fusion

Pool B = (5) Vexus - Clark, West TN Jacks, Crush 07, Intensity FP, Black Widows

Pool Games:

8:00 Field 4 West TN Jacks v Crush 07

9:20 Field 7 Vexus - Clark v Intensity Fastpitch

10:40 Field 8 Black Widows v West TN Jacks

12:00 Field 1 Crush 07 v Vexus - Clark

1:20 Field 4 Intensity Fastpitch v Black Widows

Pool C = (5) Adrenaline 08, Lady Jaxx 08, Mojo 2026, Legends 08 - Goff, Rage 07,

Pool Games:

8:00 Field 7 Legends 08 - Goff v Rage 07

9:20 Field 8 Adrenaline 08 v Lady Jaxx 08

10:40 Field 1 Mojo 2026 v Rage 07

12:00 Field 4 Adrenaline 08 v Legends 08 - Goff

1:20 Field 7 Mojo 2026 v Lady Jaxx 08

Pool D = (5) Bat Reputation, Lady Prospects 07, Sliding McQueens, Lady Jaxx 07, Talons 07

Pool Games:

8:00 Field 8 Sliding McQueens v Bat Reputation

9:20 Field 1 Lady Jaxx 07 v Talons 07

10:40 Field 4 Lady Prospects 07 v Sliding McQueens

12:00 Field 7 Bat Reputation v Lady Jaxx 07

1:20 Field 8 Talons 07 v Lady Prospects 07

Championship at 10:15

U14 - will play Sunday in Lexington

16 Max Teams

$200 Entry Fee, and $150 Team Gate Fee ($350 total)

2 Pool Single Elimination 


*Swat 05, *Lady Storm - Leidecker, *Swat 06, *Red Fusion, *Lightning 06, *Team Xtreme RC, *Lady Storm - Haberlock, *Talons 05, *Xtreme 05, *West TN Edge 07, *Lady Gamers, *Legends 06, *Synergy 2023, *Intensity FP, *Talons 06,

Pool A: (4) Swat 05, Lady Storm - Haberlock, Legends 06, Synergy 2023

Pool Games:

8:00 Field 7 Legends 06 v Synergy 2023

9:20 Field 7 Swat 05 v Lady Storm - Haberlock

10:40 Field 8 Legends 06 v Lady Storm - Haberlock

12:00 Field 8 Swat 05 v Synergy 2023

Pool B: (3) Lady Storm - Leidecker, Xtreme 05, Intensity Fastpitch, 

Pool Games:

8:00 Field 8 Xtreme 05 v Intensity Fastpitch

10:40 Field 7 Xtreme 05 v Lady Storm - Leidecker

12:00 Field 4 Lady Storm - Leidecker v Intensity Fastpitch

Pool C: (4) Red Fusion, Lightning 06, West TN Edge 07, Talons 05

Pool Games:

8:00 Field 4 Lightning 06 v West TN Edge 07

9:20 Field 1 Red Fusion v Talons 05

10:40 Field 4 Red Fusion v Lightning 06

12:00 Field 1 West TN Edge 07 v Talons 05

Pool D: (4) Swat 06, Team Xtreme RC, Lady Gamers, Talons 06

Pool Games:

9:20 Field 4 Team Xtreme RC v Lady Gamers

9:20 Field 8 Swat 06 v Talons 06

10:40 Field 1 Team Xtreme RC v Swat 06

12:00 Field 7 Lady Gamers v Talons 06

Championship at 7:15

U18 - will play Sunday in Camden

16 Max in Camden on 4 fields 

Back to 3 Pool Single for Teams:

$215 Entry Fee, and $150 Team Gate Fee ($365 total)

3 Pool Single Elimination 


*Fierce 18, *Renegades 03, *West TN Rampage, *Red Fusion, *Lady Outlaws (KY), *West TN Xplosion, *Lady Colonels, *Pride, *TN Thunder, *Barracudas

Pool A: (3) Fierce 18, Pride, Red Fusion

Pool Games:

8:00 Field 1 Pride v West TN Rampage (cross pool - does not count for seating)

8:00 Field 2 Fierce 18 v Barracudas (cross pool - does not count for seating)

9:20 Field 1 Pride v Fierce 18

9:20 Field 3 Red Fusion v Lady Outlaws (KY) (cross pool - does not count for seating)

12:00 Field 2 Red Fusion v Fierce 18

1:20 Field 3 Red Fusion v Pride

Pool B: (3) Lady Outlaws (KY), Barracudas, West TN Rampage

Pool Games:

8:00 Field 1 Pride v West TN Rampage (cross pool - does not count for seating)

8:00 Field 2 Fierce 18 v Barracudas (cross pool - does not count for seating)

9:20 Field 3 Red Fusion v Lady Outlaws (KY) (cross pool - does not count for seating)

10:40 Field 2 Barracudas v West TN Rampage

12:00 Field 3 West TN Rampage v Lady Outlaws (KY)

1:20 Field 1 Barracudas v Lady Outlaws (KY)

Pool C: (4) Renegades 03, West TN Xplosion, Lady Colonels (KY), TN Thunder

Pool Games:

8:00 Field 3 ????  v TN Thunder

9:20 Field 2 Renegades 03 v Lady Colonels (KY)

10:40 Field 1 West TN Xplosion v Renegades 03

10:40 Field 3 TN Thunder v Lady Colones (KY)

12:00 Field 1 Renegades v TN Thunder

1:20 Field 2 West TN Xplosion v Lady Colonels (KY)

Championship at 7:30

*AS OF 01/21/2020


Please sign up online at www.playfasa.com on the National Website.  This is something that is extremely important.  Once you have done that, I can also get you online here in future events. I will gladly assist you in doing this, as this is something that needs to be done also.  Feel free to continue to text me also, as we want to continue to provide great communication with our teams.

We will also keep this website up to the minute with teams, as we receive e-mails when you sign up, but by also getting it on the National Website, it will help to draw other teams from other states.  It also is an issue for teams playing and in dealing with their insurance. Moving forward, this must occur prior to being on the field.  Thanks!




We will be offering 2 locations around west TN most weekends in 2020.


To register for FASA events and get sanctioned:

1) Click on above link

2) Click on top right corner, "Member Registration"

3) Fill out "New member contact information", make sure you choose your correct cell phone carrier, and click "create new user"

4) You can then pay your sanctioning fee, or register for events.

***You can always contact me for help at 731-225-9716 , and I will be glad to help.

2020 DATES   





May 30 in Milan, TN 1 Day - Schools Out!

May 30 in Burns, TN - Schools Out!

May 30 in Mayfield, KY - Schools Out!

June 6 in Martin, TN - Skyhawk Challenge

JUNE 12 -13 -14 JACKSON - MILAN  


June 20 in Martin, TN 1 Day - Fathers Knows Best

June 20 in Camden, TN 1 Day - Father Knows Best

June 27-28 IN JACKSON, TN - Fun In The Sun

June 27 in Milan, TN 1 Day - Fun In The Sun

June 27 in Mayfield, KY - Fun In The Sun

July 3 or 4 in Paris-Camden 1 DAY - Glory Dayzz (possible night tourney)

July 11-12 IN JACKSON - Hot Tamale

July 11 in Milan, TN 1 Day - Hot Tamale

July 11 in Burns, TN 1 Day - Hot Tamale

July 11 in Mayfield, KY 1 Day - Hot Tamale

July 18 in Camden, TN 1 Day - Summer Sizzler

July 18 in Martin, TN 1 Day - Summer Sizzler

July 25 in Paris, TN 1 Day - Dawg Daze of Summer

August 1-2 in JACKSON, TN

August 15-16 in JACKSON, TN

August - November Schedule will be up in early June, due to Coronovirus, several changes...


STARTING SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 thru the end of the year 2020.

U8 - 2011 Birthdays or later

U10 - 2009 Birthdays or later

U12 - 2007 Birthdays or later

U14 - 2005 Birthdays or later

U16 - 2003 Birthdays or later

U18 - 2001 Birthdays or later


Contact Todd Latta for more information or to enter an event text 731-225-9716 to enter.

SEE "Events w/ Committed Teams" tab for teams listed in events.

Teams must be sanctioned online at www.playfasa.com for the 2019 season.

Directions to do this are below.

Round Robin events are possible with 3 or 5 teams also:

Local Rules:

Best record wins

1) Record

2) Head to Head amongst tied teams

3) Total Runs Allowed

4) Run Differential

5) Total Runs Scored

6) Coin Flip


- We will blind draw on arrival, and be placed in the opposite bracket of our pool opponent.

- Teams need to checkin at the tent prior to 1st game time.

- Warmup Games are 55 minute drop dead after the batter. Elimination games are 65 minute, finish the inning, and have a winner.

- 3 coaches passes signed off for at the gate.

- Sanctioned at www.fastpitchamerica.net

- All balls furnished.

- proof of insurance, birth certificates on hand if needed, turn in a roster (we have blanks if needed)

- 1st and 2nd place team and individual trophies awarded in each age group.

- 1 day admission $10 with 10 and under free. 2 day admission passes are $13

Become a member of this site for emails on upcoming events. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for pictures and awards pictures and up to date information on coming events.



-All teams must be sanctioned for the 2019 season. Sanctioning can be done online at www.fastpitchamerica.net  by becoming a member.

-All teams must turn in a complete and signed FASA roster. Blank rosters can be obtained by going to www.fastpitchamerica.net

-Proof of insurance is required and team managers must have birth certificates in their possession during the tournament.

-All balls are furnished, 3 Coaches passes

-Checks made payable to "ParisTournaments" or cash

-1st and 2nd place trophies/medals

-Day passes are $10, weekend pass is $13, 10 and under are free, INDOOR EVENTS ARE $20

-1 DAY EVENTS ARE $10 ADMISSION, 10 and under free.

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